Сообщения за Август, 2017

Beauty routine in vacation with Olay


I consider myself already quite an experienced rider who hates to drag extra on himself and understands what a minimum of makeup or gear you need to carry. I never take things "just in case" - umbrellas, hats, curlers, a boiler, a favorite cup, five styling aids and three bottles of shower gel, studs in the mountains "and suddenly," and stuff like that. I always say that the most important thing in a trip is a passport, money and a good mood. If something "and suddenly", it's 99% you can always buy, if it really is a little impatient. More in the comments below, did not get the text)))) By the way, are you a minimalist or should you have both, just in case, that the head does not hurt in case of what?

In the photo, all my beauty-arsenal for a week in the Crimea. Beyond the scene, except that the Tangle comb teaser, the hair iron (alas, the inevitable evil, without it at all, especially at sea, very hair stiff, curl over the climate) and Panthenol s…