Beauty routine in vacation with Olay

I consider myself already quite an experienced rider who hates to drag extra on himself and understands what a minimum of makeup or gear you need to carry. I never take things "just in case" - umbrellas, hats, curlers, a boiler, a favorite cup, five styling aids and three bottles of shower gel, studs in the mountains "and suddenly," and stuff like that. I always say that the most important thing in a trip is a passport, money and a good mood. If something "and suddenly", it's 99% you can always buy, if it really is a little impatient. More in the comments below, did not get the text)))) By the way, are you a minimalist or should you have both, just in case, that the head does not hurt in case of what?

In the photo, all my beauty-arsenal for a week in the Crimea. Beyond the scene, except that the Tangle comb teaser, the hair iron (alas, the inevitable evil, without it at all, especially at sea, very hair stiff, curl over the climate) and Panthenol spray. Ur miniatures and sachets, they do not take up much space! I'll tell you in more detail by groups.

1. Body and hair care - everything is simple: a mini of Olay shower gel from some Walmart box - 90 ml was enough with the head. Body lotion Bodyshop from the winter collection Spaced Apple pleasantly and non-maliciously smells like an apple with cinnamon, quickly absorbed, perfectly moisturizes, economical, I do not get 60 ml. For hair, one of the favorite shampoos - Korean Daeng Gi meo ri 80 ml and conditioner John Frida 44 ml, which smooths the hair well, well, the favorite oil Moroccanoil 10 ml on wet hair after washing.

Most often, if we stop at the hotel and have care products there, do not use them, maximum shower gel or just try the shampoo out of interest - often it's some kind of noun, which in two accounts will dry up my already long-suffering hair, and dandruff Can reward. I'm not saying that this is always the case, there are also hotel facilities excellent, but not always and do not take chances, I take with me the right one. But on domestic spaces, we always rent apartments on trips, but there is no such good there.

2. Facial care. Most often I take traveled funds. Putting experiments on vacation with unfamiliar sachets in the face of climate change, water and so on - it's just nonsense, more expensive then the consequences of raking and running after other means to the surrounding shops. Because I have three midsummer Caudalie - serum and fluid for the day and night cream, nighttime restructuring serum Estee Lauder, a few sachets with masks - a pair of Korean clay to clean the pores, a pair of moisturizing Caudalie. All products are gorgeous, the skin is alive, not dry, considering the active sun, no rashes or problems, everything is perfect. Enzyme gel for washing, non-abrasive scrub, lotion and moisturizing cream took from the parcel of Mario Badescu and, by the way, from all in the photo only these funds I did not like - stupid, do not do anything, dummy. Enzyme gel is a strange substance, a thick gel that does not foam, instantly disappears from the face and it is unclear whether it was washed or not. It looks like a cleaned face, but you will not understand. Scrub a cream with huge chunks of almond shell, to which they are not clear, there is no smoothness after use. Moisturizing cream is more or less nothing, tonic with aloe sticky, pinch. Sanskrin took Lancome - thanks Influenster, as on time, ah! Everyone is good, protects perfectly, the difference between complexion and body, plus the lack of freckles is a clear indicator. The only thing that the first 10 minutes have a sensation of a film on the face, but quickly passes and then already norms, applied over a cream or whey.

3. Decorative cosmetics. Either without anything at all, just care and powder MUFE (excellent! But ... Not for long under conditions of +30), or mascara and powder, or mascara and light shadows, powder, once in the evening CC-cream Chanel (excellent , But rather a tonal fluid). Well, plus a plumper or Carmex as a lip balm, a transparent blue lipstick Lipstick Queen or for the mood mink NYX Prague dark fuchsian shade. Took again the universal Zoeva pallets and three main brushes (Zoeva, Real Technics, Sephora). In a bag powder Givenchy Prismissime Mat & Glow - is one that on 9 squares, matte and shimmer. Elegant thing - you can use the sectors separately or all at once, shining separately as a highlighter or even shadows, dark matte for a light haze on the cheekbones and so on. At me it is the second powder, but the first was light for every day, and this exclusively on a tan, is darkish nevertheless. Well and no way without meteorites, the good is also their native mini-brush. I took  Glamglow Glowstarter, but it turned out to be superfluous, in conditions of heat the radiant moisturizing base is superfluous.

That's all - all the funds on the topic, nothing superfluous and there was no "oh, it was necessary to take more ...", everything in the topic. However, the cosmetic minimum will always vary depending on the place of travel and climate - somewhere less decorative, somewhere more, to drag mascara to the mountains is meaningless, but in Nice a couple more lipsticks and a pallet would certainly not be superfluous.


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